Premier Toujours... Toujours Premier Workbook 4

Author : B. Gupta
ISBN : 978-93-87740-59-4
Pages : 128
Imprint : Sapphire India Publishers Pvt.Ltd.
Year : 2017
Size : 8.5x11
Binding :
Status : Available
Salient Features
Premier Toujours... Toujours Premier, a manual to learn French as a foreign language, is designed for young adolescents. It comprises of five levels. Each level includes a workbook. The lessons are carefully graded which are thematically and colourfully presented. An easy-to- understand explanation with supporting illustrations, colouring activities, games, role-plays, poems and stories. Explanation of grammar concepts is provided in English. Grammar summary and glossary have been provided at the end of each book. Teacher’s manual is available for teachers only.

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