Art for Generations 3 (with material)

Author : Subh K Das
ISBN : 978-93-84677-66-4
Pages : 48
Imprint : Sapphire India Publishers Pvt.Ltd.
Year : 0
Size : 10.5x10.5
Binding : Spiral
Status : Available
Salient Features
Art for Generations is a series of 8 parts in total. Parts A, B and C are designed for pre primary classes and parts 1 to 5 are for primary classes. Activities in the books are specially crafted and varieties of activities are provided according to the respective level. Activities are explained step by step. Interesting activities such as drawing and colouring, blow painting, embossed picture, pencil shading, sand paper, origami, mask, etc. are given level wise for the children. Material board is also provided.

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