New English Redefined B

Author : Gowri Ramachandran
ISBN : 978-93-86233-45-5
Pages : 100
Imprint : Sapphire India Publishers Pvt. Ltd
Year : 2017
Size :
Binding :
Status : Available
Salient Features
New English Redefined series consists of the Main Course Books (Pre-primer, Primer and Book 1 to 8) and Workbooks (Book 1 to 8) that follow the guidelines of the concerned board of examination. Pre-primer and primer are based on the theme of phonetics. Books from 3–8 are uniformly divided into units. Each unit consists of a Poem, one short chapter and one long chapter. A brief description of poets and authors has also been provided. Relevant Web links are provided at the end of the chapters. An interactive audio-visual CD and teacher’s manual is also provided with the books.

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